Advancing School Bus Safety

Monday, March 3, 2014

SafeGuard®, a brand of IMMI® – the leading manufacturer of commercial safety, hosted it’s 15th School Bus Crash at the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE®) as a part of ongoing school bus safety research. Transportation directors, school officials, and school bus industry leaders toured the campus and participated in the entire safety process — from building the seats bolt-by-bolt to crash testing them for industry-leading safety.

SafeGuard and CAPE have crash tested more school buses than anyone in the country. Just last year, we crashed two large school buses, and we heralded in 2014 with another test to study the safety benefits of compartmentalization in a more real-life scenario. Like in previous crash tests, we placed unrestrained test dummies in incorrect seat positions (not sitting down and facing forward) to simulate what really happens in a bus full of children. In addition to this, we added everyday objects you would find on the bus — cooler filled with water bottles for a field trip and dummies wearing back packs like most young students would do. It’s eye opening what happens – watch for yourself.

Common Misinformation About Seat Belts on School Buses

  1. Compartmentalization is enough protection for students.
    FALSE. Just look what happens in a rollover – both in a real one, and in a crash test.
  2. Seat belts slow down evacuations.
    FALSE. Click here to learn how seat belts help evacuations.
  3. Seat belts reduce school bus capacity.
    FALSE. The capacity issue has been solved with the FlexSeat which comfortable fits 2 older children or 3 younger children with the added safety benefits of lap-shoulder seat belts.
  4. Seat belts can be used as weapons on the school bus.
    FALSE. While this may have been true with the older-style lap belts, our SafeGuard lap-shoulder belts are RETRACTABLE. The seat belt webbing (strap) retracts into the seat back, as they do in your car. The buckles are lightweight, making them virtually impossible to be used as weapons. Seat belts as weapons? It’s just not true anymore. Seat belts can actually improve behavior on the school bus by helping keep kids in their seats. Find out why by clicking here.
  5. Outfitting a bus with seat belts costs too much.
    FALSE. With SafeGuard belts on school buses, it’s only pennies per day over the life of a school bus (12 – 16 years). Technological advances and volume increases that have lowered costs, so Safeguard belts have never been more affordable. Costs have been reduced by as much as 52% since 2003. SafeGuard lap-shoulder belts are a one-time cost, for the life of the bus.

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