Breaking: NHTSA Requires Seat Belts in Large Buses

Bringing Safety to People

Before now, most large buses (ex: motorcoaches) did not have lap and shoulder seat belts. SafeGuard/IMMI® has been making motorocoach seats with seat belts since 2009 – well ahead of this federal mandate – because it’s just a part of our mission to bring safety to people. (Full NHSTA press release)

This new ruling has some caveats and can be a little difficult to understand. To help, we made this handy infographic. Did you know that seat belts on school buses was expressly excluded in this new ruling? We think we should get it mandated next time. Click here to see just a few reasons why there should be seat belts on school buses.

If you agree that there are No More Excuses® and that it’s time for seat belts on school buses, request an advocate kit to get the movement started in your area.

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motorcoach infographic

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