Integrated Child Seat (ICS)

A SafeGuard ICS (Integrated Child Seat) is shown empty.

Available for Collins and Thomas Built buses, the SafeGuard ICS offers the security of a built-in restraint system with a five-point harness for children 22 to 85 lbs.

  • Thin seat design allows for no loss of seat rows.
  • Eliminates the need for add-on restraints or child seats for younger children.
  • Five-point harness protection.
  • Sliding shoulder height adjusters enable ICS to accommodate children of a wider range of heights than can be restrained in other integrated child seats.
    A SafeGuard ICS is shown with a young boy buckled into the five-point harness.
  • Maintains full compartmentalization.
  • Booster seat cushion with replaceable pad folds under itself for added comfort, elevation, and cleanliness.
  • Easy access and service to restraint systems and upholstery.
  • Contains SafeGuard’s SmartFrame technology.
  • CAPE Tested to meet or exceed all federal and state safety standards.


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