Moving Forward in School Bus Safety

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013 WESTFIELD, IN SafeGuard®, a brand of IMMI® – the leading manufacturer of commercial safety, hosted it’s 14th School Bus Crash at the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE®). Safety industry leaders – insurance companies, Indiana State Police officers, school bus manufacturers, and support staff – were all in attendance to witness […]

National Child Passenger Safety Week

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The fact is undisputable: seat belts reduce injuries and save lives. From the first day our children are brought home from the hospital, we buckle them up. Yet, when they step onto the school bus for that first day of school… it’s typically the first time in their lives that they do not buckle up […]

Seat Belts on Buses Do Not Slow Evacuations

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For years, SafeGuard has heard excuse after excuse against using lap-shoulder belts on school buses, but there is one in particular we hear from parents. They fear a scenario where seat belts could slow or prevent their child from evacuating in a serious accident. The reality is that without seat belts on your child’s school […]

No More Excuses – It’s Time for Seat Belts on School Buses.

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There are No More Excuses® — it’s time for seat belts on school buses. With this inforgraphic below, you’ll find out the new statistics and innovations around school buses seat belts as well as the most common misconceptions on the bottom half of the graphic. Want more information on School Bus Safety? Click here & […]

School Bus Safety 101

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On Thursday, August 8, IMMI, the manufacturer of SafeGuard seats hosted “SafeGuard: School Bus Safety 101.” Indiana Congresswoman Susan Brooks, school officials, federal safety representatives, parents, and law enforcement leaders were presented with the facts and misinformation surrounding school buses and lap-shoulder belts. They all witnessed a live crash demonstration of a school bus into […]

Back-to-School Bus Safety Tips

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It’s August and it’s nearly time for all of America’s kids to go back to school. Stay safer with these tips provided in part by First Student and the National Safety Council. School Bus Safety Tips for Parents & Students 1. Leave plenty of time to arrive safely at the bus stop. 2. Stay alert […]

Here’s the hard facts about seat belts on school buses. [Infographic]

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The question has been asked time and time again – why aren’t there seat belts on school buses? With the recent school bus rollover in Illinois, this question is fresh on everyone’s mind. Did you know that SafeGuard lap-shoulder belts increase safety and also decrease bad behavior? It’s a win-win situation for everyone – the […]