The STAR Service Life Policy

(To understand why you want a seat with a service life rather than a restraint or seat without one, we suggest you read THIS.)

The service life of a STAR system is six (6) years from the date of manufacture.  STAR systems manufactured beginning November 2012 have the option for the six (6) year service life to begin from the date of invoice.

Service life is assigned to a child passenger seat to assure that the child being secured will have the level of protective safety that the seat was designed to provide.  All child seat systems deteriorate with time and use and it is essential for the protection of the child that the child restraint seat be replaced after a given period.

The standard method of determining service life for all credible add-on child seat manufacturers is based on the date of the manufacture. This created a challenge with our distributors to provide customers with the lowest costs while providing current inventory.

The SafeGuard solution recognizes this. Retroactive to all STAR products with a manufacture tag of November 2012 and later, the STAR service life is defined as follows.

  • Six (6) years from the date of purchase invoice with completed invoice label affixed to the STAR.
  • Or six (6) years from date of manufacture without completed invoice label affixed to the STAR.

The service life is based on the normal wear and tear an average add-on child seat can expect to see before it is considered unacceptable for safe use. The STAR, like other add-on child seats, needs to be frequently inspected and replaced if any of the key safety components are found defective. Regardless of condition, the STAR should be replaced at the end of its service life.

STAR now has a label affixed to its side. The end user is responsible for writing the name of the distributor, the invoice number, and the invoice date on this label. Should the end user choose not to enter this information, the STAR service life reverts to six (6) years from the date of manufacture.

If you have a STAR manufactured in November 2012 or later but there is no label attached, labels can be requested by filling out the form below.

STAR Service Life Plan - Label Request Form

  • This number cannot exceed the quantity on the attached invoice.
  • Please upload a copy of your STAR invoice.