The SafeGuard Summer Exchange program by IMMI helps school districts replace old SafeGuard STAR restraints as well as ANY brand of vests and other child restraints needing replacement.*

Click here to download the Summer Exchange Program flyer! Contact Deb Mund for details.

*In accordance with industry standards, the service life of child restraints is 5-7 years from the date of manufacture. The STAR service life is 6 years from the date of manufacture.

2 Ways to Save

1) Turn in your old restraints for $15 toward a new STAR or SuperSTAR! All restraints accepted!

To participate in the SafeGuard Summer Exchange program, IMMI requires that you cut a label with the webbing it’s sewn to from the retired product and ship it to IMMI. IMMI will e-mail you a coupon for $15 off a new STAR that can be applied to the purchase of any new SafeGuard STAR restraint(s) with an authorized distributor of your choice.

Step 1. Cut product information label with webbing it’s sewn to from the product as specified in this short video:

Step 2. Complete the participation form (download it here).

Step 3. Ship the participation form and label(s) to:

SafeGuard Summer Exchange
18881 IMMI Way
Westfield, IN 46074

Note: In order to participate in the program, your label(s) with webbing must be received by September 30, 2017.

Step 4. Within two days of IMMI receiving your form and labels, you will receive an e-mail with a coupon that you can use to order your new SafeGuard STAR restraint(s).

Step 5. Place your SafeGuard STAR order with an authorized distributor, using your coupon to verify your involvement in the SafeGuard Summer Exchange program. One $15 coupon is valid per SafeGuard STAR restraint purchased. The distributor will discount your purchase accordingly. Purchases using the coupon must be made before December 31, 2017.

Questions? Contact us!


2) Buy 50 and get 1 FREE!

Fill out the fields below and upload a copy of your invoice to verify that you made the minimum (50) purchase, or click here to download the mailable form. Once you submit your information, we’ll get in touch with you!